Need to Make Travel Arrangements?

Ceilidh Shuttle: More Than Just a Shuttle Service in Nova Scotia

There are many reasons why you may need a shuttle service in Nova Scotia: special occasion, travel, appointment, etc. At Ceilidh Shuttle, we understand that no matter the reason you are travelling with us, you deserve the best customer service possible.

Our customers often are:

small groups who wants to spend the night out or leave for the weekend (going to the movies, to a wedding, etc.);

persons without a license or unable to drive themselves;

persons who want to travel for medical reason or visit family;

travellers who needs to go to the airport or ferry terminals.

Tourists in a bus

Few Specifications

Because your comfort is important to us, we use cozy minivans and charters (available with reservation in advance), all equipped with air conditioning. Our minivans can accommodate up to five passengers, whereas charters can take six passengers. In both cases, two medium size suitcases per person are permitted and we cannot accept bicycles.

If your group or luggage exceeds that limit, we encourage you to reach out to us to further discuss possible arrangements.

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Doctor/hospital appointments

If you have an important appointment, you can confide your transportation to Ceilidh Shuttle. We will gladly accommodate you, drop you off and pick you back up at the arranged location and time, whether it is a private clinic or a hospital.

Icon touristic tour


Ceilidh Shuttle can provide, upon request, a transportation option for tourists looking to get to Cape Breton's attractions: museums, must-see, festivals, etc. We will drive you to the location and pick you back up. Also, we do not provide a guide, but we are able to suggest and recommend some tourist attractions to make your vacation enjoyable in every way.

Icon children

Children travelling alone

We do accept to shuttle a minor alone. In any case, we will need a verbal consent from the parent with a contact phone number, in the case of an emergency. Also, an adult needs to be at the destination to meet the child upon arrival; we will not leave the child alone.

Please note: if the child needs a safety or booster seat, you must provide it, whether the child is accompanied or not.

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Seat Pricing

Our regular rate for a shuttle between Cape Breton and Halifax is $105 per seat and $100 for senior/student in the minivan one way. You can save $5 when booking a round trip.

For any other shuttle service, our prices depend on the distance travelled and a number of other factors. Please call us , to learn more.